Joseph Riden Publishes Notable Novel-length Book


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Port Townsend WA, April 16 — Today, Joseph Riden, Author, published his first novel-in-stories, a fifty-six-thousand word collection in a dozen related episodes all involving the same main characters. The book Sea Goddess, subtitled "Love, Fishing, The Blue Pacific," was released in Kindle format on, as ASIN: B07KVMYKJ5.

The book was based on real-life experiences of the Author and his wife. It reads like a novel spread over a roughly five-year period during which Evan and Jess Landon, a fictional mid-thirties, married couple found and purchased a classic wooden Grand Banks trawler, then fished and cruised the waters around Southern California.

This uncommon and fresh tale-for-our-times is told by the man who lived it. The book collects a dozen stories inspired by a period of the author's life. Sea Goddess is the tale of how Evan and Jess made their heartfelt dreams come true in an atmosphere of mutual love, respect, equality, and lots of delicious seafood.

It begins with a fast-paced account of the author's lifetime-best, unbreakable-record catch, then goes on to gradually reveal how the Landons learned the skills and gained the experience and local knowledge to refurbish, and then safely cruise and fish their classic woody. A main theme is the enjoyment of our natural environments in responsible and respectful ways.

In an age grown numb to violence in media, this book demonstrates use of atmospheric tension rather than inter-human violence to sustain conflict and reader involvement in fiction narrative. Together, Jess and Evan navigate the joys, sorrows, perils and rewards they encounter in the Pacific Ocean around San Diego. Other characters include friends who cruise and fish with them. Tin Hau, their trawler, is like another character.

This vivid account will interest readers open to exciting, action-filled stories of an ocean cruising and fishing lifestyle. Jess and Evan intentionally chose their dual-income, no-kids marriage for the freedom and affluence it allowed. Readers who have interest in fishing, boating, ocean cruising, wooden boats, outdoor adventures, and/or relationships of gender equality, will all likely consider the time to read Sea Goddess well-spent.

This relevant, literary, and contemporary book doesn't feel stilted or dated; the language is readable, credible, imaginative, and at times lyrical. Although the book has autobiographical roots, the author says, "Some episodes include enhancements that technically make the work fiction although the story remains memoir-like in style and vividly true-to-life, in spirit."

Joseph Riden is available by phone or email for comment using the contact page HERE.

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