Articulate speakers often personify management best practices. Consider three notable executives — Amazon's founder and CEO Jeff Bezos; General Motors CEO Mary Barra; and the incomparable Steve Jobs, Apple Co-founder and CEO. Presentations by these iconic figures have reminded us that dominance in commerce requires powerful communications. Whoever a speaker may be and whatever the purpose, in any medium, writing makes a brand's impression on the world reaching to your products, services, and objectives.

Have you undervalued your brand's messaging power?

Any company's textual content should seduce and inspire the masses but even brilliant leaders may not write prose that motivates a specific, desired action which could include a prospect accepting an offer. CEOs, to achieve their mission, sell their ideas all day long. As a group, dynamic, high executives can be the best salespeople around.

What do we learn from masters of persuasion?

That we need useful products and services? Those are a given. To make a business hum, your organization must drive desired responses with on-brand messaging. That requires help from a specialized writer skilled in the rhetoric of persuasion. Think seasoned copywriter — a steely eyed prose whisperer who'll make your message clear, inviting, inspiring, and compelling. Even promotional content can spark interest, educate readers, rumble with portent like a distant storm, or quash myths. But most importantly, good rhetoric induces actions such as more sales or "getting to yes" with a perfect prospect for a critical position, or overcoming some prejudice — anything you need that requires a specific response.

What action should your prospect take?

Composing persuasive writing is a specialty called copywriting. A CEO's inspiring speech is usually copywritten for best effect. Businesses and organizations rely on copywriters to convey ideas but their work motivates readers to take a specific action like placing an order or delving deeper into your content or stopping practices that harm the Earth or voting for a favored candidate. A skilled copywriter can stimulate anything needed to increase total response.

How well are your words achieving your desired response?

If results to date are disappointing, let's fix that today. Too much commercial writing goes out shabby in public. It's common to run across sincere business text that's meant to support a mission but suffers from fatal flaws. Readers may stumble on obscure terms. They may disrespect clichés, trip over corporate jargon, and pity poor grammar or bad spelling. Maybe they're put off by foreign sounding phrasing or they might shy away from rambling sentences or obscurity or too-trendy sayings. It's a safe bet Mary Barra knows that credible, motivational language is like racing fuel for her company's persuasion engine.

Undervaluing your organization's writing undermines your very purpose. You pay for it in lost revenue. Don't underestimate the mission your commercial content must achieve, from signage to web pages and even in your recruiting. All of these are persuasive elements that present rational propositions to customers or potential employees. Steve Jobs found words so important that he often presented revelations about Apple's products and their features in person.

Writing faults stress readers rather than persuading them.

Your company's brand messages can be dressed for success. The key to sourcing robust, persuasive writing is simple — never settle for inferior text when you need words that work. Get a copywriter to match your content's power to your opportunity's importance. If you care about readers' responses, your best approach is to outsource your critical business content unless you already have captive talent on board with specific skills and experience in copywriting. When you engage a persuasion pro, you get a well-written piece that draws out more of the actions you want as your permanent hires stay focused on tasks only they can do best.

The copywriting resource you need is available.

You can hire me to help motivate your audience in any message from a presentation, to a press release, to your product listings or in an ad meant to recruit quality workers with specific skills.

Access decades of relevant copywriting experience.

Beyond informational, I make your writing compelling. My history includes founding and operating a small business marketing agency for five years, right through the 2007/2008 financial crisis. One of my six book publications is an early manual for digital content marketing. I've filled varied roles at startup companies, including lots of practice in writing to stimulate actions.

When you need and want persuasion that works, assign me anything from ad copy to product descriptions, from blogging to web page content or even a new how-to book about conquering some issue by using a product you offer. I'll consider any writing assignment in English, from your brand storytelling to your annual report. And I'll decline an assignment if the task seems beyond my skills.

Persuasion that works commercially also succeeds for nonprofits

That’s because stimulating a donation is like making a sale. To find explore on-brand writing that takes you where you want to go, let's have a no-pressure chat about making powerful impressions on customers with branded messaging that pulls in responses to move your products or services or to help attain your worthy objectives.

I offer an educated, native-born command of North American business English. My writers' resume, work samples, and testimonials from past clients are all available. I'll answer all your questions. My rates are typical for accomplished, English-degreed copywriters. Best of all, expect your results to pay for my cost many times over. My expertise with word-wrangling will help you achieve revenue targets.

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I'm not satisfied until my client's copy is powerful as Amazon's, GM's, and Apple's. Why settle for less?

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