Story Publication, "The Marlin"

This is the first story in my forthcoming, 12-chapter novel-in-stories that's all about ocean fishing and cruising over a five-year period with my wife of that time. It's a great intro to this series of tales that are all true stories. From dreaming about having a boat to acquiring it, dealing with the inevitable issues and having a fabulous experience in spite of them, this is that saga.

"The Marlin" is a true story set in the mid-1980's. Some names are changed but the rest is completely factual. It's about a couple in their thirties who loved to fish and cruise in the Pacific Ocean on their Grand Banks, a classic, thirty-two-foot, trawler-style, wooden yacht. They lived in Southern California, where surrounding waters of the blue Pacific offered them great satisfaction in their leisure interests. They would fish year-round and enjoy cruising to surrounding, offshore islands and coastal towns.

As the summer months unfurled each year, Evan and Jess spent most of their time on their boat, Tin Hau, fishing and cruising the coastal region near San Diego, when they weren't working their jobs or doing maintenance that the boat required. On the particular day of "The Marlin" story, they encountered an astonishing surprise; one that challenged them to the limit but would prove quite rewarding if they could prevail with Fate's summons. Odds were against them all the way.

This is the story of how that day unfurled as they took the challenge, stood up to the difficulties and dangers, and fought to win with all the strength and wit they could muster. It was high adventure on the high seas. Read the story now to find out how it went and how it turned out, given all the problems they faced.

If you like this story, you will probably love the novel-in-stories.

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Story Publication, "The Rocket"

Rocket Story Cover copy.jpg

"The Rocket" is the story of a middle-school lad named Harley who was frustrated about his family situation. The story takes place in the late 1950's in the US Deep South. Harley never got the time and attention that he longed for from his Father. His younger brother looked a lot like his Dad. This annoyed Harley because he wanted to be just like his Father but he knew he never could. The two boys and their Mom and Dad lived a comfortable life in a pleasant place, and they all had everything they needed and a lot that they wanted. But Harley suffered discontent continually, until the day when he started making progress with his new project, a model rocket inspired by the launch of Sputnik One, the first earth satellite, launched by the Russians in 1957. Harley's space-crazy project progressed until he started testing his rocket fuel, then things got complicated. 
     Read the story now to follow Jordy's adventures and discover how it all went.

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Story Publication: "The Prodigy"

"The Prodigy" is a short story of around 7,000 words. Set in the postwar, mid-1950s era, it's the story of a boy named Jordy who faced frustrating challenges, especially at school, because he was gifted with "prodigious" intelligence and intense curiosity. These qualities often made Jordy feel, look, and act differently from other kids. That attracted unwanted attention, sometimes in ways that caused trouble.

     All Jordy wanted was to learn and write about the things that fascinated him in the world. Along the way, he faced physical dangers, temptations, difficult people, helpful people, and some satisfaction.

     But would he ever find his rightful place in the world? Read the story now to follow Jordy's adventures and discover how it all went.

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