Indie author Joseph Riden writes fiction, nonfiction and creative nonfiction in native, US English. He also offers editing and several other writerly services. He has written and published two nonfiction books and more than a dozen short stories. His first novel-length work and more stories are forthcoming. He has also edited two published novels written by other authors.

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Even as a child, Joseph read books continually. Early interests led him through both nonfiction and fiction and especially biographies of accomplished and historically notable creatives. Book reading and a floor-standing, tube radio that was nearly his height began to shape his growing mind before television dominated the media.

"Eventually," Joseph has said, "I realized something less obvious than it may seem: emulating creative thinkers feeds my soul with deep satisfaction. Renaissance men and women became my role models."

Teachers encouraged him to write and invent. Legendary achievers became his inspiration, from Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, to Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein; inventors like Edison, Westinghouse, and Turing; and early rocket scientists like Von Braun.

Joseph included notable authors in his literature explorations; standard-setters like Faulkner, Steinbeck, Hemingway and many other classics-authors who generated the literary canons of American English. Joseph completed a double BA in Literature and Psychology with high honors at SUNY at Buffalo, in a well-regarded English Department. He rubbed shoulders there with contemporary literary figures who lived, wrote, and published their art.

After military service and university, he began a career in mechanical and industrial design. Along the way, he completed the Institute for Writers’ course, “Breaking into Print.” He created a trail of inventions and he wrote books, articles, and stories; inevitably, he became an author.

Joseph describes himself as "Born curious; fascinated with big questions, great ideas, cultural trends, and critical unknowns. It’s tantalizing to be alive” he said, “at dawn in the third millennium,CE. Our world is ripe with opportunity to speculate, to learn from our collective history, and to reinvent a more functional society that eliminates war, unburdens our planet, distributes wealth fairly and builds a brighter future. Our world may also be, perhaps twenty years or twenty seconds from self-destruction. We are called to wake up and smell the smog, see the tides rising, feel the greed and hatred and then act in favor of justice and survival.”

A deepening humanism tempers Joseph’s technical mind with a more encompassing consciousness. "In this world of increasing complexity," he has said, "we can anchor in practical wisdom and find new solutions for the compelling issues of modern life. Storytelling is a powerful force; a way to learn vicariously or to speculate about the dynamics that drive human cultures and set the course of a life, a country, or even world history. In fiction, an author is free to explore and discover at the boundaries of human experience, and to expand our collective awareness by pushing the edge with imagination, compassion, and originality."

Beyond writing and design, Joseph has filled many roles in life, including these: surrogate father, coastal mariner, lumberjack, sport fisherman, teacher, soldier, seminarian, meditator, husband, lover, spiritual seeker, natural health practitioner, expatriate, business consultant, bohemian scholar, entrepreneur, and live-off-the-land outdoorsman. He ventured abroad in South Korea and Costa Rica but he always came home.

Now a lifetime of learning seeds Joseph’s writings. As his engineering career ended, writing became Joseph's full-time focus. Diversity of experience shaped his author’s viewpoint, outlook and belief in humanity’s ability to prosper yet transcend decadence; even an ability to evolve consciously. “Our most challenging frontiers are no longer ‘out there’ somewhere, like Mars; they exist within us, each and every one.”

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