Joseph Riden

Joseph Riden

I was born curious: fascinated with the world's wonders and people. My parents and some exceptional teachers fostered active engagement in science, mechanics, and the arts. Even as a child, I read books continually. Early interests led through both non-fiction and fiction and especially biographies of accomplished historical figures. Reading and a floor-standing tube radio nearly my height began to shape my mind before television dominated media.

Legendary men became unconscious role models: from Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, to Nikola Tesla; inventors like Edison and Turing; and early rocket scientists like Von Braun. Several authors, including Faulkner and Hemingway, joined my list as I explored American Literature. One day, I realized something less obvious than it may seem: though I don't aspire to greatness, emulating figures I admire feeds my soul with a deep satisfaction. Renaissance men are my heroes.

After military service and university, I enjoyed a career in mechanical and industrial design and eventually became an author. I've left a trail of inventions, including books, behind me. I continue on a productive, creative path. Broad diversity is unusual in this age of deep specialization when colleges generate so many super-technicians narrowly niched into valuable skills. My broad interest in mechanical engineering, design innovation, music and creative writing is a product of liberal education along with experience gradually acquired as the years passed, all too quickly. I pursue a deep humanism to temper my consciousness.

I see apparently different facets of invention as compatible and similar. Nature lives within us each, through a generative energy that's expressed across different focuses. I may design a boat or a piece of specialty furniture in morning; write about how to make them in the afternoon; and take breaks with romps through adventure stories. Book chapters or memoir sketches tie imaginary characters and situations back to my experiences. I often listen to music from an elegant audio system that I've carefully configured for high value: extreme musical realism at affordable cost.

I've filled many roles beyond author and design engineer: surrogate father, coastal mariner, lumberjack, sport fisherman, soldier, meditator, husband and lover, spiritual seeker, natural health practitioner, expatriate adventurer, strategic business consultant, bohemian scholar, entrepreneur, live-off-the-land outdoorsman, and true friend to significant men and women I've connected with along the way.

Curious, I came into the world. I'll continue to seek new experiences and create more value until I move onward to whatever lies ahead. Life is opportunity, unchained: to learn, to evolve, to create, to know love, and to express ourselves as we become all we were born to be, fulfilling a destiny that only clarifies in hindsight. May I leave this world with my boots on, walking in a forest or cruising blue seas again, or writing another story or article as a warm computer records my thoughts.

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