INDIE AUTHOR JOSEPH RIDEN writes nonfiction books and fiction narrative in native, US English. He offers freelance writing services and several author services, including editing, assisted book writing, self-publishing, alpha and beta reading, and more. Joseph has self-published short stories, a story collection, a novel-in-stories, a memoir, and three nonfiction how-to books. He also helps aspiring authors write and publish their own books. He has edited two published books by others; a men’s adventure novel and a romantic memoir.

Even during primary school, Joseph read books continually. Early interests led him through books written by, or about, accomplished and notable creatives. His reading and a floor-standing, wooden tube radio that was almost his height began to shape his growing mind before television dominated American media. He realized something less obvious than it may seem: emulating original thinkers feeds his soul. Renaissance creatives became his boyhood heroes. 

Teachers encouraged Joseph to write and to invent. Legendary achievers became his early inspiration, including Leonardo da Vinci, Joan of Arc, and Michelangelo. He also read about modern notables like Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie and Albert Einstein; he read biography about inventors like Thomas Edison, Hedy Lamarr, Alan Turing and early rocket scientists like Wernher Von Braun. He explored the works of American authors; standard-setters like Faulkner, Steinbeck, and Hemingway; also Ayn Rand and Margaret Atwood, and other classics-authors who helped generate the literary canons of American English. He read the Douay-Rheims Bible cover to cover and the complete works of Shakespeare during secondary school.

Joseph completed a double major in Literature and Psychology with high honors in the well-regarded English Department at SUNY, Buffalo. At “UB",” he rubbed shoulders with contemporary literary figures who lived, wrote, and published their art. His education stimulated a sustained intent to write in the styles native to America.


After military service and university, he resumed his established career in mechanical and industrial design. Along the way, he completed the Institute for Writers’ course, “Breaking into Print.” Inevitably, Joseph became an author and design engineer. He created a trail of inventions and a volume of technical content as he also wrote articles, essays, books and stories.

Friends and clients describe Joseph as born curious and fascinated with big questions, great ideas, cultural trends, and critical unknowns. “It’s tantalizing to be alive” he has said, “at the dawn of the third millennium, CE. The time is right to wonder about our universe. Accelerating social and environmental change stimulates us to re-invent in all areas of human experience. Collective human history calls upon us to tease out our valuable lessons and put them into practice.”

Joseph learned about life’s dynamism from varied perspectives. Beyond writing and design, he has filled diverse roles, including these: surrogate father, coastal mariner, lumberjack, sport fisherman, teacher, soldier, husband, scholar, expatriate, bohemian student, seminarian, meditator, natural health practitioner, entrepreneur, business consultant, and live-off-the-land outdoorsman.

As his design engineering career completed, writing became Joseph’s full-time concentration. He ventured abroad in South Korea and Costa Rica but he always came home. Now a lifetime of learning seeds Joseph’s writings and shapes his author’s viewpoint and outlook. He believes in humanity’s ability to prosper yet transcend limitations and further evolve as individuals and as a species.

A deepening humanism tempers Joseph’s mind with a more encompassing consciousness. “Through narrative, we may reach beyond entertainment for useful realizations. We can learn from our reading and speculate about dynamics that drive human cultures. To make progress, first we imagine new and better possibilities and then we choose among desirable outcomes that entice us forward. Insight coupled with right action can guide the courses of our lives, our countries and even world history.”

“Our most challenging frontiers are no longer geographical, like on Mars perhaps or ‘out in space, somewhere.’ We cling to precious, outmoded myths like an afterlife, exploration heroism, and the unbridled dominance of humanity even as our runaway overpopulation threatens the whole Earth and only war or pestilence has rescued us from our species’ own self-endangerment. Yet every current, major issue has deep roots in the present population crisis. This paradox could well become our species’ terminal dilemma unless we conquer new, inner shores without ever leaving our home planet. Managing our psycho-emotional inner spaces has become the grand challenge of the ages. All of the necessary resources await within us each, ready to activate.”

Joseph believes we can evolve beyond needing our entrenched myths of magical creation and by so doing, someday direct our own evolution, given our growing mastery of genetics, artificial intelligence, nanotech, ecology, and robotics:

“We’re starting to accept ambiguity and move beyond it rather than explaining it away in myths to calm our insecurities. We’re asking, ‘Where did we come from?’ and ‘Where are we going?’ in ways that don’t beg the question or presuppose some magical or supernatural answer or create some new fiction to fill that void of insufficient knowledge that has always left humans so insecure as a species.

“The future looks bright when we view it by the light of kindness.”

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