Portfolio Website Design

Every professional creative needs a portfolio online to get the word out about their accomplishments, presented convincingly in their own, custom web pages. Who could be a better choice to help you showcase your work than a self-published, working author? Especially when that website-building, working author also brings marketing insights, an agency and entrepreneurial background, and a track record of successful business support. 

I’ve been a digital native since 1970 when I began maintaining and installing computers. I’ve been building websites since 2008 when Google Sites first appeared online. I built this website that you’re reading now and several others.

I come prepared with relevant education and skills, special tools, decades of experience and a keen desire to help you excel. These days, my favorite sitebuilding system is Squarespace.com which gives you the chops to sustain a portfolio site that’s gorgeous and has all of the marketing functionality that you need — even including a blog. You get a site that you can maintain and update on your own even without any coding; a website with a newsletter for customer outreach, if desired. Or an online store with an ecommerce catalog an checkout.

When you're ready to develop or enhance your image and online presence, I'll build what you need that fits your budget and deliver on time. It all begins with a dialog that leads to the beautiful and engaging, custom creative’s website that you envision, at a fixed cost that you can afford. Then we can get to work on your budget, a website definition, a written quotation with fixed cost and a schedule you can live with.

Narrative Writing

Have you heard “A book is the new business card?” Have you written your first book yet? If you have the tasteful suit and the winning smile but you still need more powerful persuasion, let's chat. All the recent and contemporary writers who became authors with household names had at least one steely-eyed editor helping them. Some authors had more than one.

Everyone "has a book in them" but we all need a literary midwife to help us bring our books into the world. Writing well is an exacting, solitary expertise but you don’t have to be a loner. Don't let your prose leave home without perfecting.

The words below resulted from the pre-launch edit of a new author’s first book.

I have found it rare, in my life, to encounter professionals who under promise and over deliver. Joseph Riden is one such individual. I wrote a series of articles on fishing adventures, which were good but needed some wordsmithing. I found Joseph, with some effort, and he turned my ordinary work into extraordinary prose.
— Dimirra, Author of "Spontaneous," a men's adventure novel

Writing Memoir?

Everyone's an expert in something but not everyone knows how to write about themselves well in US English. I’ll write or rewrite anything that you can relate to me in a textual draft or in voice recordings. Then, even if you think you’re not much of a writer, your memoir or other writing project will read like the work of a competent author who knows what you experienced. Your memories can take on a new life of their own in your readers’ minds and hearts with vividness, style, and grace.

Adept in both fiction and nonfiction, I also write creative nonfiction, the newer prose category that applies fiction-style tropes, techniques, and treatments to factual narratives like memoir. This style brings a true narrative to life on the pages most vividly. Consider the stories in my collection Triplet, as examples. Two are fiction and one is creative nonfiction. Can you tell the difference? Triplet is a special edition. It becomes available free when you sign up for my elist. See the footer message at the bottom of this page. The same stories are available as standalone publications in Amazon Kindle. My Amazon Author’s page lists them all.

Alpha and Beta Reading

When you write a story, book or document that must be error-free, well-developed, and final-checked by someone other than yourself before publishing, I can be your first, alpha reader to look for anything that falls short of excellence in your grand design before you spend weeks or months writing yourself into a corner.

Alpha reading is for early work, outline through early manuscripts, to check story concept, plot flow and continuity, story and character arcs, genre fit and characterizations. Also, to find any missed opportunities for excellence. When you believe your piece is ready, a careful beta reading is a fitting, final check for your book’s development before self-publishing or submissions.


Many new writers who self-publish try to save cash by self-editing. If that's you, then you definitely need at least a beta reader for your finished work. Writers need alpha and beta readers to simulate their audience even more than they need an editor. Skilled readers help you gauge genre fit and perfect your prose and story appeal from the very start as you also build better writing habits while you work.

Joseph Riden’s writing skills are profoundly intuitive… [his] writing capabilities are definitely noteworthy.
— From a review of "The Prodigy" by Joseph Riden, at readersfavorite.com.

We’re all fallible so at least one professional editor stands behind every famous author that you admire or perhaps envy. Whether fiction or nonfiction, I'll help you take your writing to the next level. Beyond corrections, we’ll also find and weigh any opportunities to improve your prose, story structure, writing style, etc. I offer all the editing forms: copy- line- and developmental editing, as your manuscript may need.

Coaching or Tutoring

Personalized learning is the key to rapid improvement in your writing. Even for professionals, the hardest parts of writing can be to find where you need improvement and to know how to go about elevating your prose. After reading and analysing your writing, I suggest tools and improvements that you can apply across the board in everything you write. You can have your own, private writing tutor to help you find your learning opportunities and take advantage of them to improve your writing habits and craft permanently.

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Web Content Writing or Blogging

I’ve not only learned to use the Internet, I’ve been a digital native for more decades than I like to count. As a mechanical design engineer, I helped develop supercomputer servers that support business and science, host the Internet around the world, and pull today’s businesses toward AI sentience.

I built this website that you’re reading now and several others, including writing all the textual copy. Contact me to access my writing samples or read from my blog on this website or read my other publications found on Amazon. I can walk you through good answers to all of your questions on how to start a popular blog and make money with a blog online. Or if you want a guest blogger, I can create blog content that brings your message to web users around the world.


With a growing number of self-published books, I’ve learned how to publish with minimal hassle, effort, and cost and with international distribution but it’s still complex, demanding, and sometimes frustrating. Self-publishing with a worldwide reach that achieves professional quality on a shoestring requires insider knowledge, good tools and instincts, and thorough attention to detail. 

As traditional publishing wanes, the brave new world of digital, print-on-demand publishing invites new minds and faces. Self-publishing with worldwide distribution adds both greater marketing power and higher complexity for indie authors at the same time. I can publish a book for you or help you learn to self-publish your books.

Regarding Cost

You’ll find my fees are typical and customary for the industry. I may often be able to quote your job by providing a single, all-inclusive figure for a whole project in a written agreement. If cost is a barrier, for you I offer a custom diagnostic report that highlights tendencies you need to watch for and avoid, correct, or eliminate in your writing. You can use this personalized writing analysis and some suggested tools to guide you through effective self-editing. The better the self-editing you do before engaging an editor, the better the final outcome will become. But when you write for any kind of publication you also need a real human editor.

Chat For Free

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