Sea Goddess, a First Novel, Released

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I’m pleased to announce that after fourteen months of intensive authoring, my first novel of about 56,600 words is released as a Kindle eBook. The paperback version is being formatted. It will be added when the formatting is completed.

Sea Goddess is an uncommon novel with a fresh theme that fits more than one genre. This series of vivid experiences is a tale of ocean adventure, saltwater fishing, desire, pursuit, and love fulfilled. It's outdoorsy; contemporary, nautically authentic, and even partly a seafood cookbook. It's memoir-like, part buddy novel, and shot through with a golden vein of tenderness.

Set in Southern California and the coastal Pacific, the period is mid-1980s to the early 1990s. The main characters are a couple in their mid-thirties; married, and childless by choice. Jess and Evan both love to fish in the ocean. They also love seafood. They enjoy cooking together and cruising the watery expanse with all of the sea's moods and surprises.

Jess and Evan would sit beside a marina near their home to enjoy shared dream-time while longing to own a boat and go fishing. When Jess found a beautiful, restored, wooden trawler yacht for sale, they bought her, re-named her Tin Hau and took her fishing on their days off. At first, they made mistakes that led to adventures like being caught in fog; dealing with all the work the engine needed; and even threat of running aground and being lost at sea. But the fishing exceeded the happy couple’s dreams. They weaved-in romance afloat as they cruised to surrounding islands to anchor overnight and fish on distant reefs.

The angling couple's relationship included preparing and enjoying seafood they caught. They teamed up in the kitchen. A few favorite recipes are included; easy, yet healthful and delicious feasts.

Jess and Evan caught so much fish that they gave away more than they ate. Eventually, they ventured far offshore to find the most plentiful catches. Some of their sport fishing was notable enough to make the news.

Sea Goddess is the story of a couple who bonded as fishing buddies through their shared interest, skill-building, seamanship, perilous escapes, teamwork, and star-crossed attraction. Read the story now to find out how it went and if, in the end, their adventures paid off their investment of time, cash, effort, and all of the risks they faced.

Please access the book preview HERE and if you like this first bit, I predict you’ll enjoy the whole book. There’s a link to the Amazon sales page in the upper left corner of the preview’s first page.

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Joseph Riden