Welcome to my portfolio website. Friends and clients call me Joseph. These days, it’s difficult-to-impossible for a newer, independent author to prosper by producing only books and stories. So I also help others prosper — then I can keep on writing more books and stories.

A Brief History

A partner and I once co-founded a boutique marketing agency tailored for small business. We provided customized marketing power across the North Olympic Peninsula, offering an array of essential services ranging from full marketing plans with optional implementation; to copywriting, photography and design for an occasional newspaper ad. We launched professional practices, consulted with local businesses, built websites for industrial products and for artisans. We created ad campaigns, and designed a lot of branding.

Who knew a financial, perfect storm was brewing?

We had opened our agency right into the teeth of the 2007/2008 financial crisis. We did some good when times were hard for everyone but marketing budgets dried up for too many local businesses. We both had to move on.

Soon I was writing and editing books, memoir, novels, and stories at last, and I also continue business marketing support. I show up for projects equipped with on-target language, a keen desire to help, a native-born and educated command of US English, powerful writing and design tools, and a lifetime of writing, editing, design, self-publishing, and marketing experience.

What to Expect

I write in ways that helped me graduate with high honors from SUNY/at Buffalo where I double-majored in English and Psychology. In popular prose, I make things easy for readers by following the advice of Wordsworth and the examples that Walt Whitman and Mark Twain set. I use conversational, realistic, everyday language including contractions, neologisms, slang, regional color, common acronyms unless the project requires otherwise.

As my Client, you have access to my decades of experience in business marketing, design, writing, editing, and publishing. Also, I bring an array of powerful tools and a keen eye for details. I favor clean design — pleasing, simple graphics that attract attention, subtle typography, prose that feels educated and intelligent but also easygoing. And most of all, an overall presentation with a relatable look and feel, a presentation that’s contemporary, current, and artful. I edit your manuscript or build your book or marketing materials with persuasive power born of fertile imagination, original thinking, transparent prose and high-touch aesthetics.

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I often recruit and manage other professional talent needed for a project such as logo, book, or cover designers. My project management experience includes decades of supervising and mentoring mechanical designers working in product design teams with cutting-edge, 3D CAD and schematic capture systems. Although marketing details differ from physical design, the underlying creative processes cross over very well.

All my services come with a satisfaction guarantee. We’ll work under a written agreement about what comprises your deliverables. Your project is complete when our project is fulfilled as agreed and you are satisfied with my work’s quality.

You were so kind and willing to help that you made the entire process enjoyable. It was a pleasure working with you and learning from you. The editing you did on my book was purely stellar.
— Farah Grace, Author of Yellow Roses, a romantic memoir

About Cost

Costs to hire me are customary for the industry. My fees are custom-quoted in advance per your project definition. I may often be able to quote a complex project in bulk, providing a single, all-inclusive figure to complete our written agreement.

For struggling writers, if cost is a barrier, I offer an affordable, editorial report about your manuscript. This analysis highlights habits or tendencies that you should eliminate (we all have some) while also finding specific errors that you can avoid or find and correct in your own writing. You can use this personalized critique and some tools I suggest to guide you through effective self-editing. The better your self-editing before you hire a human editor, the better your final outcome turns out in cost and quality. But be clear that if you write for any form of publication, you still need a human editor, as well.

See Some Past Work

Please check out my writing samples and review my resume. You have two options:

Option One - Without a password that you don’t already have, just log in to as usual and find my Author page HERE. There, you can see my published fiction and nonfiction books and stories.

Option Two - To review my resume and work samples, visit my Writing Portfolio page. You’ll need the password. Simply click CONTACT to email me a credible password request. Then use the password I send you to enter the Writing Portfolio page on this site where you’ll find many different kinds of work, including my publications, creative, and marketing collateral.

Chat for Free by Phone

Please feel free to contact me for a confidential, no-cost chat about your organization, needs, and project, with no obligation, expectations, or pressure. The first step is your move. Click the Connect button just below to email me. I promise in writing to deliver excellence. My office hours are from 9am to 4pm PST, Monday through Friday, That is UTC -8 or GMT -8, also known as the US Pacific time zone.