Freelance Writing and Copywriting

This is where my commercial writing began in the 1990’s. Get the perfected, final documents you need, from articles, reports, and essays, to ads, sales letters or direct mail packages; from online, direct-response landing pages to brochures, flyers, or postcards; from a custom shopping website with an e-commerce catalog and online checkout to your personal collateral like business cards or resumes with cover letters.

When you need clear, accurate, and compelling, well-researched prose, I’m here for you with all of my experience and skills at your disposal. To find out more, get the password to my Portfolio page or request a phone conference. Send an email from the Contact Page and I’ll get back promptly. No pressure, I promise – only results.

Web Content Writing or Blogging

Skilled in SEO, I’ve not only learned to use the web; I’ve been a digital native since the Internet began. While a mechanical design engineer, I helped develop supercomputer servers that support business and science, host the Internet around the world, and pull today’s business and science toward AI sentience. 

Joseph Riden’s writing skills are profoundly intuitive… [his] writing capabilities are definitely noteworthy.”
— From a review of "The Prodigy" by Joseph Riden, at Readers Favorite (

I built this website you’re reading now and several others, including writing all the textual copy. Contact me now to access my writing samples. Or read from my blog on this website or my other publications on I can walk you through the answers to all of your questions on how to start a popular blog and make money with a blog online. Or if you want a guest blogger, send me your topic and I’ll let you know if I can generate content that helps bring your message to web users around the world.

Marketing Power

Do you have a solid marketing plan to drive earnings that reach your goals? Producing your written plan would be a great beginning. Beyond the planning stage, and even before or without, a written plan I can create comprehensive, branded marketing materials for your business, such as advertisements, listings, brochures, online postings, company profiles — even full websites. Also, individual business collateral like your professional portfolio website, business card, stationery, and a capabilities brochure.

A positive image starts from your basic branding and collateral. By beginning there, we can maximize the total impact of all your marketing. If you’ve already built a brand that customers love, we can leap ahead using your established business name, logo, tag lines, website and existing collateral. But all of that should be reviewed before building from it.

When appropriate, your marketing also benefits from blogging, well-placed articles, opinion pieces, essays, specifications, analysis, reports and other documents that attract attention and build credibility. Such documents all support a positive impression and motivate potential customers indirectly.

How To Begin

Before you incur costs, we’ll discuss your needs and agree on what we should do. We must discuss your bottom-line-building ideas and target word counts. Then you get a detailed, written proposal with firm pricing and a schedule commitment. You get three rounds of review and revision per any written or designed project for an agreed, fixed cost to produce the perfected pieces that bring results to your bottom line. You’ll receive a written contract and you’ll have opportunities to choose methods to produce results.

To get started, click CONTACT and send me your email to begin a conversation.