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Resume for Joseph Riden, Author

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Please Note: bold items below are published writing samples, either in print or online. Non-bold items are original writing samples but not published.

Short Stories

Fiction short story: “The Rocket”

Creative non-fiction short story: “The Marlin”

Feature Article

Factual cover story, "Buoyed by Life on the Water," Living Aboard Magazine, Jan/Feb 2008 issue: article concept, interviews, and writing.

Marketing & Websites This website that you are viewing now. For writing, branding, marketing, and website design, please use the navigation bar to discover all that is here.

VivaFresh Branding, Collateral, and Site Content

For Website: branding, logo design, site design concept and creative direction. Website was constructed by The Logical Alternative.

Print Brochures

Floriculture Brochure -- branding, copywriting, creative direction

General Brochure -- branding, copywriting and creative direction

Generations Dental Marketing Content

Become Cavity Free -- interview and writing

Dental Care Made Easy 1 -- interview and writing

Dental Care Made Easy 2 -- interview and writing

Become Cavity Free for Life -- interview and writing Blog Articles

A series of guest-blogged, content marketing how-to posts:

Using Content to Propel Buyers through the Sales Process — concepts and writing

Don't Push - Create a Content Marketing System that Pulls Buyers to You — concepts and writing

Get Buyers Following Your Online Footprint — concepts and writing

How to Increase Exposure for Your Published Content — concepts and writing

Sensitivity to Clients' Financial Position Helps Win More   Sales — concepts and writing

Slay The Sales Monster - Ramp Up Your Referral Process — concepts and writing

Tech Tools that Enable You to Sell Smarter and Faster — concepts and writing

Content Marketing Plan in Place Create Some Content — concepts and writing

Twitter Tactics That Help You Get New Clients — concepts and writing

News Release Example

Content Marketing Ebook Release NR — marketing copy

Sales Support Brochures

Platt Irwin Law Firm  — marketing copy 

Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding 1 -- marketing copy and creative direction.

Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding 2 -- marketing copy and creative direction

Experience Magazine (Centrum) -- marketing copy and creative direction

Cojo Ferry Survey Results -- marketing copy and creative direction