To Speak with Grace




To speak with grace

let your mind lead slightly.

Split the moment

of understanding

between these two:

your thought is Fred Astaire

your lips are Ginger Rogers.

Speech becomes their dance. 



The spontaneity of her speech was interfering with it's formation and it seemed to be all about timing. She's a brilliant woman and the way she spoke was spoiling the picture she projected just as she was about to attend the most important interview of her recent life. So this was my suggestion. We'll see how it all plays out as life rolls onward.

Choosing the photo took some self-restraint. The photo's mission was to accompany and illustrate the idea in the verse yet my source served me volumes of astonishingly impressive dancers and couples. Not to mention so sexy. There was a danger that the wrong photo would upstage the ideas. But when I saw these feet, I recognized the path of ultimate perfection. Two or more years ago I would have done the wrong thing. The feet made my morning.

But there is this nagging fascination with why the woman's two feet seem to be impossible. She has two right feet and at an angle that is unattainable. But maybe that's to say the verse is showing the remedy for speaking with two left feet. Perfect!