A Novel


by DiMirra

Joseph Riden, Editor


Joseph Riden provided the synopsis below during a 4-week interactive connection with the Author. Spontaneous is a 318-page, men's adventure novel, available on Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle editions. It was published on the CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on February 14, 2015. Seven reader reviews have achieved a 4.6-star average rating at the time of this writing. 

From the book jacket synopsis:

SYNOPSIS: Incompetent governments and their politicians oppress and exploit you and fellow citizens for decades. The self-serving policies blow back when radical militant factions launch waves of vicious attacks, laying waste everything your culture is, and stands for. Civilization crumbles. Streets run red with blood. Ultimate violence threatens your own family, your fortune, and all you hold sacred. Only decisive action can make any difference, yet world leaders and their minions sit paralyzed as radicals riot, militants attack neighborhoods, and massive plagues and slaughters kill billions worldwide and then nuclear war breaks out. You are Gianni Castillo and your time of reckoning is now. You head the oldest, most powerful, and wealthiest family in history. Your abilities and circumstances position you to seize power, make heart-wrenching decisions, end tides of violence and pestilence, and guide the ruined world to lasting peace, under a whole new form of government. What will you do? How will you decide who lives and who dies? How will you defeat rampant evil? How will you make Apocalypse impossible to happen ever again? Your Family and their science hold the key. This is that story, unfolding as you hold the very fate of mankind in your hands.

. . . When I completed my first novel, some three hundred pages in length, I turned to Joseph Riden for editing and to make it flow. He did a remarkable job, on time and on budget. While not a best seller I do get royalty checks every month . . .
— DiMirra (aka Robert Demes,) Author of "Spontaneous"

A Memoir

Yellow Roses

A Memoir by Farah Grace

Joseph Riden, Editor


From the book jacket synopsis:

A psychic’s prediction haunts a young girl, causing her confusion and fear. Having a limited time to fulfill his dream, her childhood sweetheart makes her a promise before his death.Tragedy continues and she must make a decision to abscond for the safety of her children. Leaving her hometown in a borrowed car, adversity continues to follow her. She must deal with memories of a difficult childhood, and a heart that has been shattered. A man enters her life and offers her the life she so desires. Upon his death she becomes aware their entire twenty years of marriage was full of lies and deception, as his government ties are revealed to her through an unexpected source. Illness, and more deception continue until a chance encounter with a foreign speaking man who hides his own sorrows, finally teaches her to forgive and feel love. With His promise forever unbroken, she finds safety and guidance with the continuous apport* of love, his yellow roses.

*Apport is a term that means: (verb) the paranormal transference or rendering of an object; or (noun) an object that is transported or produced by paranormal means.

The Author's Comments on Editing

"I would like to take a minute to THANK YOU, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. During the entire process of editing, you never lost sight of the fact that the book is my story and in every manner you respected that. You did not try to change my way of writing, you only enhanced it.

You were so kind and willing to help that you made the entire process enjoyable. It was a pleasure working with you and learning from you. You are a gentleman and a true scholar. The editing you did on my book was purely stellar."

- Farah Grace