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iHi-Fi Audio Setup Guide

Joseph Riden


This Book Is Your New High-End Audio Component

You may be astounded to hear how good the audio system you already have can sound. You’ll enjoy the very best music your Hi-Fi can play when it's set up per audio best practices. 

This book covers Hi-Fi system setup and performance tuning extensively, from fundamentals for new enthusiasts, to advanced approaches such as sourcing computer audio, anti-vibration treatment, acoustic room conditioning, and even how audio furniture can help the music you love sound best. All the same principles apply whether you listen to digital files, streaming music, or old-school sources like physical LPs and CDs.

Time invested in system tuning is highly rewarding when you understand exactly what to do and how to avoid many common errors. This practical handbook brings you the following: 

  • Guidance learned from decades of audio system optimizing

  • Practical, usable advice, without heavy science and no math

  • Methods to correct specific faults and avoid common issues

  • Powerful, easy-to-use, proven, and accepted technologies

  • Easy reading from a lifelong audio buff, music lover, and engineer

  • An industrial designer's furniture standards for more realistic music

True music lovers want their Hi-Fi systems to sound fabulous in their spaces. Yet most home systems never sound the best they could. Learn in detail how to implement superb playback while you also save cash on audio gear.

With improved setup, you'll be delighted to demonstrate how great your well-tuned system sounds. Even one tip you learn inside this book could make the cost and reading effort worthwhile.

Expect quality and you will not be disappointed. This Kindle e-book is written, designed, and formatted to editorial and production standards for hardbound books produced by major traditional publishers. It's also available as a print paperback Each chapter includes a color illustration. 

How to Ride the Blimp

A Memoir

Joseph Riden


I personally enjoyed a Blimp flight experience. This book tells that story and shares some photos. Hundreds of people, much like you and me, ride Blimps each year. You can't buy a ride from Goodyear® with any amount of money but you can get a ride for free. This book helps you do that.

There's a huge interest in Blimps. Many people are "rarin' to go" for a ride. I've identified just what it takes and how to do it. Anyone may get a priceless flight like mine with the right approach, given inside.

In this book, you'll learn not only what worked for me but also what works for others who ride the Blimp. You find out the secret of how you can get a ride if you have the gumption. To avoid blind alleys, select your best option and decide how to go about it.

Unlike airplanes, Blimps fly low and slowly. You get to look around and take in the scenery rather than zooming past everything. The ride itself is the destination. There's no guarantee, of course, but giving folks rides is what Blimps do when they aren't televising sports events or doing special duty.

As the years passed by, I learned to fully appreciate what a unique and memorable experience that ride was. I wish you great success and enjoyment on your own Blimp ride. It's one of the great adventures of a lifetime.

How many people do you know who can honestly say they flew in a Blimp? Why not you? The secret awaits within this book.

Expect a quality e-book, well-written and well-formatted, and you will not be disappointed. This book is produced following old-fashioned print publishing values, conventions and standards. Seven color images relevant to the content are included.

Content Marketing System: Buy or Build Your Own

Joseph Riden

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When someone searches the Internet for something you offer, will you make a sale? Any seller offering the same thing could get that business. How will you win the ongoing struggle for your customers' eyes, heart, and mind? 

You need to make your company visible, cast the best light on your offerings, and demonstrate outstanding customer experience. This e-book was written to help you accomplish that, even on a shoestring budget. You can build sales revenues by publishing compelling, magnetic, infectious, and share-worthy content, regardless of your company's size or your offerings' complexity, whatever your customers need and want. 

The time when a great website was enough is long gone. Today's Internet is an ocean of valuable information mixed with clutter and teeming with competition for attention as it expands exponentially. Yet the web still offers a huge advantage in unprecedented publishing power. To win more sales, publish a quality content stream customers love to consume and share. Assist, inform, educate, or entertain them to gain attention and sales. 

Even if you're barely computer- and Internet-literate, you can learn to set up an inexpensive but powerful content publishing system. No programming is required. Just configure the right selection of online services, then publish a content stream that merits respect. You'll gain admission to an exclusive group of voices your ideal customers trust, follow, and buy from. Use compelling content to propel leads through your sales process, draw customers back, and stimulate them to refer friends. 

Content for marketing can be any relevant information that attracts and rewards customers. When it's your stream, you select subject matter your audience prefers. Create an exciting information channel for them. Content brings best results when produced with high production values -- quality white papers, reports, articles, blogs, e-books, e-newsletters, and other formats. 

So-called "content marketing" is taking our whole business climate by storm because quality content helps customer relationships begin, grow, and endure. Many flourishing companies now routinely drive sales activity with content streams. Worthwhile web content builds customer engagement by providing solid value before, after, and even without sales. It's like publishing your own custom magazine except your private label, branded channels are online and interactive. 

Marketing with content is less demanding than other alternatives. It takes less cash and a follows a more credible approach than older-style, outbound marketing and sales. Newer inbound methods can be far less expensive than advertising and much more effective than interruption-based selling through cold calls or ads. Just about anyone can market with content online with manageable effort and cost. 

Quality online content can market anything that's sold. It propels your business forward whether you deal in products or services, in either consumer or B2B markets: 

  • Content publishing helps professional service firms establish referral-based practices with backlogs.

  • Content helps manufacturing companies generate enough inbound leads to meet strategic goals.

  • Non-profit and political organizations use content to champion their causes at manageable cost.

The more complex your sale, the better a thought leadership web presence attracts inbound leads. Search engines value expertise because it identifies authorities in each area of business. Customers seek you out when they discover you're an authority. A magnetic content stream helps you drive traffic to your web presence, connect with customers, and become a preferred provider. 

The longer your sales cycles, the more a steady stream of expert content helps nurture customers through sales. Compelling content strengthens lasting bonds over time to improve customer retention. Your content stream makes it more likely customers will choose your offerings repeatedly instead of going to the competition. That's because compelling and useful content helps builds familiarity, affinity, and trust. 

When you configure your own system, you're not locked in to some total solution's inherent limitations. Search engines relentlessly improve algorithms, altering natural search results. Social consensus weighs ever more heavily in searches. Older SEO measures become worthless or start working against you. With your own digital publishing operation, there's no need for concern because you can change features and functions by adopting new or different web-based services at will. 

To sum up, create an inexpensive content marketing system (or "engine") to help your business thrive: 

  • Conserve marketing budget while improving inbound leads and sales.

  • Drive more traffic to your entire web presence.

  • Build familiarity, affinity, and customer confidence continually.

  • Engage with customers and lead conversations to sales.

  • Use content as both attraction and reward for considering your value propositions.

  • Nurture customers through sampling or trials, initial and repeat sales, and referrals.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention over the long haul.

  • Stimulate more referral business to build backlog and drive growth.

  • Achieve a more stable cash flow at higher levels and exceed your business goals sooner.

These days, each business must become an online publisher to fully prosper. This e-book helps you determine your content strategy, set up a working tactical system, and generate and deploy content marketing without under-buying or over-spending. In the following pages, you'll learn to create a content marketing engine that includes what you need, leaves out what you don't want, supports safe e-publishing, and minimizes your effort to market well.