Need to Deliver a Creation?

I show up for writing or editing equipped with a keen desire to help and native US English that's founded on solid skills and wielded with imagination and original thinking. I also bring editorial experience, helpful writing tools and a deep, intuitive sense of language.

In popular prose, I tend to follow the advice of Wordsworth, to use the realistic language of everyday people — admitting all the  contractions, neologisms, slang, regional color, common acronyms, and so on. When needed, I write or edit in the academic style that helped me graduate with high honors from one of the more prestigious American universities where you can double-major in English and Psychology.

I can help you with writing in any of the following ways:

Narrative Writing — Adept in both fiction and nonfiction, I also learned to produce creative nonfiction, the new category that applies fiction tropes, techniques, and treatments to factual narrative. This style brings true narrative to life on the page more vividly than ever before. 

Ghostwriting — Everyone is an expert in something but not everyone knows how to write well in US English. I can write or rewrite anything that you relate to me in a textual draft or in a voice recording. Then your memoir or other project reads like the language of a highly competent author who knows what you know. Your thoughts and memories can take wing with clarity, style, and grace.

Editing Your Prose — Either fiction or non-fiction, I'll help you take your writing to the next level in a specific piece. Beyond corrections, we can also seize opportunities to improve the prose structure and writing style. I offer all the editing forms: copy- line- and developmental editing.

Coaching or Tutoring — Individualized learning is the key to rapid improvement in your written communication. The hardest parts of writing can be seeing where you need to improve and also knowing how to elevate your work. After reading and analysing your writing, I suggest improvements that you can apply across the board in everything you write. You can have your own, private writing tutor to help you find learning opportunities, take advantage of them and permanently improve your writing.

Website Copy or Blogging — Skilled in writing for the Internet, I've not only learned to use the web, I've been a digital native for more than two-thirds of my life. As a design engineer, I helped develop super-powerful servers that host the Internet around the world. I've built this website and several others, including writing all the text copy. Please contact me to access some writing samples. Or read from my blogs on this website. I can walk you through the answers to all your questions on how to start a popular blog and make money with a blog online. Or I can provide the content that brings your message to web users around the world.

Book Cover Design and Marketing Copy – a former client who is a professional Graphic Designer once said I have a special knack for representing the value of something in visual symbology. I founded a boutique marketing agency and provided marketing and copywriting for business clients. I apply these design and marketing skills in composing a book cover visually and also writing tag lines and marketing copy. The truth is, readers do judge a book by it's cover and your book's cover can be inviting, intriguing, and attractive. 

Getting Published — I specialize in helping you to improve your chances of being published traditionally (by a commercial publisher) by writing as bestselling authors write. If you've had a hard time with finding a literary agent to represent you or if everything you submit directly to editors gets rejected, even with flawless prose, we can work on improving your writing's commercial appeal. The features of writing that best-sells are known and you can learn to apply them. Let me support you and provide practical help.

Self-Publishing — I've self-published three books on my own and learned how to do this with minimal hassle, effort, and cost but it's still complex and demanding. Self-publishing that achieves professional quality on a shoestring requires special knowledge and great attention to detail. I can publish a book for you or help you learn how to do it for yourself.

About Cost — My fees are typical and customary for the industry. I will often be able to quote a job in bulk, providing a single, all-inclusive figure for a whole project in a written agreement.

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